$50 Gift Certificate

The BeliBea nursing bra line offers the ultimate in comfort for nursing mothers, with specific design features to maintain maximum comfort & fit throughout your day by accommodating the ongoing changing fullness of your breasts. Finding comfort and ease as a mother is as precious as the moments you share with your new bundle of joy. BeliBea bras incorporate specific design features to ensure every mother’s all-day comfort, including a seamless stretch fit, plush-lined adjustable straps and a ribbed band to provide flexible support.

  • $50 Gift Certificate

    Share NOURISH by BeliBea with your loved ones and friends who are breastfeeding, pumping or soon to be with our BeliBea Gift Certificate! This is the perfect gift when you want to lavish some sweet & comfy love on a nursing/ pumping mother, but are not sure of their size! Purchase any amount for the gift certificate/ store credit, and have it emailed directly to your loved one!

    Product Features

    * Purchase any amount as a Gift Certificate/Store Credit for your loved one who is expecting or currently nursing

    * You have the option to send Gift Certificate/Store credit via email to yourself or someone else

    * Gift certificate (GC) has no expiration

    * GC recipient can use it on the checkout page once they have selected their size and quantity. The GC will be applied to their total