Helpful Tips, Tricks & Links

How-To insert different pump shields through our NOURISH pump layer: 

** IMPORTANT ** Always insert the pump shield into the bra pump opening from the inside of the bra --> outward. DO NOT insert the circular end of the shield (that connects to the breast) through the pump layer to prevent stretching out the opening. Please reference our demo videos (on the homepage) as well as these "how-to" instructional images below:

How-To use our dual panels for pumping:
* Consider the pump layer and snap positions:

~ Use the bottom snap position for basic hold ~

~ Use the top snap position for additional lift and hold ~

~ Use the bottom snap position for the pump layer AND pull the front layer up and around 
the side of the shield, snapping back to the top snap position for even more support ~

** Always remember to adjust your shoulder straps to provide extra lift and support **