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    Bottles That Banish Bubbles

    “With my first three gassy babies, I never paid close attention to the best bottles to use for their needs. Even with Cricket, born last year, I wasn’t looking for better options because I figured I would just use the same ones – hand-me-downs have been a huge life (and money) saver for my family of six! 

    That all changed when a friend gifted me a two-pack of glass bottles. When I got them, I found out that these bottles had extra parts built into them to help reduce the amount of air bubbles a baby takes in while they feed. Cricket has pretty much only used these two bottles since she was born and they’ve made a huge difference in her comfort compared to my other little ones. Needless to say, these are now my favorite bottles!! – Melissa Holland, BeliBea founder

    Like our founder Melissa, many mommies don’t know about all of the bottles on the market and how each one can help their baby’s specific needs. And as moms we know there is nothing worse than feeling like you don’t have a solution for your baby’s discomfort! 

    For any moms looking to prevent a gassy baby, here are a few bottles that reduce air bubbles and help make bottle-feeding as comfortable as possible for your cutie pie.

    1. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow® Glass Bottles: Melissa’s new favorite bottles are made with an internal vent system that makes the feeding experience very similar to nursing. The system’s positive-pressure flow ensures that air and the breastmilk never mix, reducing common problems for babies such as excessive spit-up and gas.
    2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Comfort Bottles: These BPA-free bottles are specifically designed to reduce the intake of air bubbles, with slow-flow nipples to make latching onto the bottle easier and more natural for your baby.
    3. Bare®: These bottles supply air-free milk to the baby and are equipped with a Perfe-latch® nipple that extends with suction to mimic breastfeeding. This helps prevent nipple confusion, and combined with the brand’s Air-plug® technology, these bottles significantly help to reduce the never-fun symptoms of colic and gas.
    4. Playtex VentAire: These angled bottles help reduce colic by way of a bottom venting system, making sure babies don’t ingest any air while they eat. The angled design also encourages babies to feed in a semi-upright position, which promotes self-feeding and is often recommended by pediatricians to help avoid ear infections.

    What’s your favorite bubble-banishing bottle for your little one and why? We’d love to know!