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    BRAND Enthusiast SEARCH

    Hi Sweet Friends!!!  We are excited to launch a Brand Enthusiast campaign in search of breastfeeding and/or pumping moms who want to share their journey of motherhood with other moms.  

    Breastfeeding is such a beautiful and precious bonding experience for mom and babe, but it doesn’t always happen in the way we anticipate.  My first baby is a prime example.  Many factors contributed to my frustrations with pumping and breastfeeding: infections, mastitis, supply, latch issues, stress, returning to work…and the list goes on.  

    I am so thankful that our bra was born out of my experience and I am so happy to share it with other moms to help them through this joyous, but challenging time.  

    We at BeliBea want your help in walking alongside other moms during this season by sharing our brand and our bra with them.  

    What does a Belibea BRAND enthusiast look like? 

    1. Follow BeliBea on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest if you don’t already.  Share on your own social media platforms at least once a week with @belibeabra mentioned somewhere in the comment accompanying your post:
      • Include a tag of @belibea on an actual photo
      • Blog about Belibea, if you have a blog
      • Add the hashtag, #belibea and #mybelibea – as well as any discount codes we provide – in the comment section.
      • Mention BeliBea in the comment sections on social media when appropriate.

    1. Twice a week, share content of yourself in action with your BeliBea while:
      • Breastfeeding
      • Pumping
      • Loving your babes
      • Flat layouts 

    Most importantly, be creative, have fun and nurse/pump/love on those babes in your BeliBea!!

    If you are interested in becoming a BeliBea BRAND enthusiast, please answer the following questions and submit your information to with the SUBJECT heading:  BRAND enthusiast.  If we think your vibe will mesh well with ours, you’ll receive our Enthusiast Contract with the full details of your benefits.  

    **All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

    ** We will be choosing five enthusiasts this month to initiate this program, and will add more in the months to follow. 

    Please send us:

    1 – Name

    2 – Email

    3 – City and State where you live.

    4 – Instagram Handle/Username

    5 – How often do you post to social media?  Which platform do you use the most?

    6 – Do you blog?  If so, what is the link to your blog site?

    7 – Tell us a little bit about you, your family and your breastfeeding/pumping journey.  Suggestions: favorite things to do, places to go, things to eat, mommy/baby brands, anything that will help us get to know you better.

    8 – What kinds of social media images are you drawn to and typically like, comment on, or repost?  

    9 – Are you currently rocking a BeliBea in your nursing and pumping journey?  What are your favorite features and how does this product help ease your breastfeeding/pumping experience?  

    A few of the perks of being a BeliBea BRAND enthusiast:

    • Monthly Store Credit
    • Ongoing % discount of BeliBea products
    • More details to follow in contract

    Thank you!  We are excited to work with you as we initiate this program!