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    Breastfeeding Breakdown: Perfect Positions for Comfortable Nursing

    Breastfeeding is a special time for you and your little one to bond, and it’s important to find a position that makes both of you comfortable during these precious moments! Our founder Melissa Holland says that the football hold was a lifesaver while she nursed and pumped for her little ones at the same time. This position was not only the most comfortable for her, but it also successfully prevented her cuties from kicking and disconnecting the pumping tubes. 

    We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular breastfeeding positions for you to try – what works best for you and your baby?

    1. The Football Hold: True to its name, with this breastfeeding position you hold your baby by your side like a football. Place your little one under your arm on the same side you’re nursing from and rest your arm on a pillow for support. Tip: Melissa loves using the football hold while supporting her nine-month-old baby girl’s head with a Boppy pillow when she’s nursing and pumping at the same time!
    2. The Cradle Hold: For this classic position, cradle your baby in the crook of your arm, on the side that you’re nursing from while holding them horizontally across your body. Tuck your baby’s lower arm under yours and support yourself on the arm of a chair or with pillows.
    3. The Cross-Cradle Hold: This position is similar to the classic cradle hold, but the arm used to hold the baby is opposite in this position. When feeding from your right breast, use your left arm to support your love bug, and vice versa. 
    4. Side-Lying Hold: To nurse while you’re lying down with your baby, find a comfortable position on your side with your back and hips aligned, placing pillows under your head and behind your back as needed. Your baby can rest on his or her side while being cradled with either your bottom or top arm. Tip: place a small pillow or blanket under your little one’s head if they experience any neck strain reaching for your breast.