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    happy 'ANNI'versary!! March bOObness ;)

    Happy ”ANNI”, loves ~ a litte MARCH bOObness 

    March 2017 represents our TWO year anniversary since we launched NOURISH by BeliBea! AND we are pretty stoked about it ;)!  Our adventure started well before we hit the market in March 2015, but this is the month our site went live and we started building relationships with retailers and brands. Initially starting in North Carolina (our home), with UNC/REX Hospital’s Lactation Station, because this is where we birthed all five of our babies. We have now reached moms in almost every state of the US and several countries across the globe.  

    I am beyond grateful for each one of you, for your support, your encouragement, and for seeing value in our  NOURISH and how it can love and serve moms all over the world! This journey would have never been possible without you! 

    SO…. this month we wanted to shower some love on YOU and 

    THANK YOU for your continued support =)!

    Here are a few ways you can join in on a little ’ANNI’ fun for March bOObness! ;)

    • GIVEAWAYS of the Month:
      • Follow us on INSTAGRAM (@belibeabra) and Facebook (@belibea) for 
        • TWO separate giveaways:  For each, we will be giving away 2 NOURISH ~ one for you & one for a friend
        • ALSO, We are collaborating with several bloggers this month, EACH will include a GIVEAWAY!! 
      • Multi-BRAND Giveaway (on Instagram) ~ We are "pumped" to join @nestedbean and some amazing brands to bless a momma, during this month of March Madness! ~ Granted, let's be house is MADNESS every month ;) ~ Be on the lOOkout March 27th! Check out this awesome prize bundle! 

    • DEALS of the Month: 
      • BUY 2 GET 1 FREE:  ORDER 3 then Use CODE: ANNI2SALE to apply discount for FREE bra! 
        • (not applicable on combos)

      • Be sure to sign up ---> EMAIL love letters for monthly specials, exciting news or just because we want to say HI! :) See in HOME page footer

    BeliBea FuN fAcT: Our brand name BeliBea comes from two words:

    Bea - bea /bEE—uh/ short for “Beatrice” ~ meaning: "she who brings happiness”; “bringer of joy, blessings”

    Beli - belly/ˈbɛli/; \ˈbe-lē\ 1d :  womb, uterus 

    Personal preference, I chose to switch the words in order, so instead of BeaBeli, the flow of BeliBea just sounded better; however, the meaning remains the same:

     “She who brings happiness from her belly”

    Happy ”ANNI”, loves ~ Happy bOObness! ;)

    xx, melissa