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    The Buzz on BeliBea

    We love receiving feedback from mamas who are nursing with Nourish by BeliBea!  Some of the top mom bloggers from around the country are trying our innovative nursing and hands-free pumping bra and sharing rave reviews with their readers! Here’s why our maternity bra has these bloggers buzzing:

    • “One of my favorite things about the Nourish was how easy it was to unhook the cups for either nursing and/or hands-free pumping. It only takes one hand to unhook the cups and you can even nurse on one side while you simultaneously hands-free pump on the other! (Because nobody should have to do the hokey-pokey to get themselves into or out of their nursing bra!)” – Carinn of theSIMPLEmoms
    • “Sleekly tucked into the outermost shell of the bra there is a removable, washable, nursing pad… This pad is perfectly formed to the bra to allow for some discretion.” – Danielle, Mama the Fox
    • “It wears like a normal bra, you snap it in the back. It fits like a sports bra in that it stretches when you stretch. But it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a sports bra, it has a V neckline that ensures your breasts remain separate. Since it fits no matter your size (at any given moment), it offers much needed support to your breastfeeding breasts. And I have never been happier with a bra. Ever.” – Tarynn of Mama by Fire
    • “The fabric is so soft and everything is flexible but snug. I’ve also been wearing this bra non-stop for almost two months and the straps don’t stretch out like some of my other bras.” – Whitney of Rookie Moms
    • “I found it to be a comfortable, easy to use bra that has all of the features I need. It’s versatile, easy to use, and looks good under my clothes – something that is lacking in other brands! The double snap feature makes it so easy to pump – a must for working moms!” – April, Frugally Green Mom

    Have you tried our Nourish maternity bra yet? We’d love to know what you think!