Our Story

The BeliBea bra line was founded by Melissa Holland, mother of five, following her rewarding, yet exhausting experience of constant pumping while nursing her first child and simultaneously trying to get back to work. That’s when Melissa’s husband, Adam, came up with the first product design – a DIY project using one of Melissa’s old sports bras. Although makeshift, the concept allowed the freedom of hands-free pumping and, if you ask Melissa, it was a gift that kept on giving.

That first prototype led to years of research and development to come up with the perfect design for a maternity bra line that would make nursing and pumping more comfortable and less stressful for mothers everywhere. Today, BeliBea’s feature style offers not only hands-free pumping convenience, but also the best of traditional maternity bras with an improved feminine fit and custom, seamless design. Made for the flexibility of a modern mom, it provides the convenience of wearing one garment whether nursing, pumping or reveling in the sweet moments in between.

BeliBea is the debut brand from AP Reese, LLC, Melissa’s company providing product lines designed by moms, for moms. The company is developing products with innovative design, smart concepts and new ideas that make everyday childcare more manageable and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more announcements on new AP Reese products.